Since 2001

About Us

Serving Sacramento, Santa Rosa, San Francisco, Stockton and Northern California

Add Some Class aims to create high-quality education spaces that inspire both students and educators alike.

We believe that through a Customer-Centric approach we can deliver high-quality deliverables at an accessible price for all. Every Educator and Student deserves the best!!! 

What we are all about


We pride ourselves on being Education Furniture/Equipment experts. Many of our competitors work across multiple industries, like Commercial Offices, Government, Healthcare etc. We believe that our focus on Education has made us specialists and has led to much better outcomes for our customers.

Customer Centric

Our core business model is focused on a Customer Centric Experience. We love working with Educators, Administrators and parents to help solve your problems.

Long-Term Relationships

Whether it's new construction or a replacement caster for a chair, we are always excited to help. Add Some Class looks to foster long term relationships with its customers so it can help fulfill their needs year round, not just project to project.

Our story

Services we offer

Design Services

We offer in-house design services to bring your idea to life. Our design services are complimentary. Reach out today to get a 3D render of your space.

Installation Service

Since the beginning Installation has been core to our business. We proudly have utilized an in-house installation team to fulfill customer orders. We additionally supply full project management support for all of our projects.

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